Sunday, 22 June 2008

a man and his mission

...a strange phenomenon in great britain and elsewhere... is there a single day where you open a newspaper and this man is NOT hot news? and since when are magic lanterns so popular? we are on a mission to find out...

first we need the object - here's a nice one

or here

that'll do too (dare I say they all pretty much look the same to me)

some literature - or shall we call it THE most important work so far on the magic lantern?!

the culprit - don't let this harmless smile fool you! this man is on a mission ...

...'obsessive and pedantic' is what the critics call him - and you haven't heard the wife yet...

clearly, world domination is high on the agenda

boston, new york and finally...

washington as the last stop of a rather fantastic round of lectures

catch it where you can!

(just don't say we didn't warn you!)

Friday, 13 June 2008

andy did you hear about this one?

here's one handsome chap, ladies

watch out - he's got it

always on his way to parties

well dressed


cool cars
1x volltanken por favore to go to paris


a quick stopover...
uno campari prego
grazias senor

at home in all the chic places

yet still sometimes feeling a little blue ...

madrid, lisbon, rome - where to go next...

of course - halle!!!

well - there is not much a girl can do
but dreaming

and then there's always that
'morgens in der u-bahn' feeling

(ca 1982)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

we want horses!!!

the yard is empty... they must be in the school...

rebecca leads the bunch

are they playing polo?

lucy and anette are plotting their game, too

this time we'll get them!


us too?

hop - hop - hop

legs underneath you!

oh oh -

jan is not amused

are these two doing any better?

you want my leg WHERE?

rike is our last hope...

but selica clearly calls it a day

girls with whips...

girls with caps...

girls with brushes...

and girls with lashes...

aint't we cute?!!