Monday, 22 August 2011

where to start?

where to start after all these weeks? tracing back to my last entry perhaps in chronological order the next thing was little deac's birthday and the question "where to start" pops right up again as my dear husband was showered with pressies this year - you name it he got it!

a few highlights from the long list: thanks to dd (darling daughter) who probably wanted it badly for herself deac finally got one of jeff soan's famous seals, and actually a particularly pretty one, we believe. he's now happily sitting on the dining table that came with it (the seal that is).

a good number of books next, but deac will hardly remember. books enter (and never leave) this household on a daily base, so nothing new.

but this year had more in store and because of a highly organized campaign there is a sparkling mandoline now in the kitchen - no, not the music instrument, but the razor sharp slicing devise that supposedly cuts all vegetables and fingers into paper thin layers in no time. well, we'll report...

this and all kinds of goodies plus a large cake made for a splendid birthday with a dinner in our favourite local indian. nice one!