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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

things to do when in london (2)

well - you actually can spend a lot of time in the shops and in the museums, and is has to be said that our lovely visitors andy and joana did just that. i'm kind of grateful that they don't want a list of all the markets and department stores they went to...

but what they suggested (hang on - what andy suggested - ) is a list of the restaurants and bars they went to, or we went to. so i happily oblige. not that i remember every pub we had a glass in, and of course there were times when we let them off the leash. let's see if they report their very own adventures one day...

babur - you can't ask for a better place in the neighborhood for fine indian food. still love it after many visits. also currently ranked as the best indian restaurant in london by zagat and third by trip's that!

fernandez and wells - so so convenient for my work place, so our visitors had to meet me there several times.
meat mission

that was a bit of a find by accident, after we strolled around dalston and later hoxton. lot's of burgery stuff with some chillies. nice for what it does, and great premises - an old children's mission.

opera tavern - here we ended up because we didn't want to wait two hours for cucina asellina's first table available. or five hours for their roof top bar. or anything... good food and good times, though.


still a favourite of mine. service is never up for it, and there is always a dish you wonder what possessed you to order it, but always great atmosphere and the crispy duck is just to kill for...

sapporo ichiban 

a faultless round of sushi after we found out that our guests were staying actually a little longer than planned...

bar italia

and even today no good night out can be complete without a last pit stop at bar italia. what worries me though is that it used to take so much longer and so much more alcohol to look so old in their infamous mirrows... depressing! 

so, andy and joana - over to you! where else did you go? and where would you like to go next?? let us know...