Monday, 6 February 2012

baby, you're so last year...

...and that is me actually, not the nice chap in the pics, who already complained that the announced blog entry was nowhere to be seen and it is just all my fault as i still haven't really sorted out the new blogger surface and the different buttons i have to key in nowadays.

but here it is, didi, and i'll email you straight away to let you know, cause it is a rather lovely memory of a short but sweet afternoon in hannover last summer, with the second half taking place in one of these corner cafes that also do their own bean roasting, serve twenty different blends and who do employ at least three dishy baristas and where i feel wholly inadequate cause i order tea all the time. but didi just told us that chances are he is signing a new publishing deal (or has signed by now???) and that should call for champagne anyway, so we just have to wait and see.

the first part of the afternoon nevertheless produced one of the best one-liners ever, and didi as a writer should take note: 
marienstrasse, 3pm, antiquariat gaertner
enter my husband. 
* good afternoon sir
^ good afternoon mr gaertner. long time no see. how are you?
* what do you mean?
^ what i mean? well, how are you? how you are??
* yes, but why are you asking that.