Monday, 4 June 2012

allright then: god save the queen

it was right down as predicted: rain in the morning, rain later in the afternoon, but just to prove she has the heavens on her side the ghastly weather cleared up a little bit and we remained mainly dry, and warm, because the crowds were so densely packed.

after a long breakfast we decided to try our luck and use the happy fact that my workplace is right on the river and that our nice security staff usually let us in - and they did. we tried several places, the waterfront bar, the viewing platform on the 7th floor, somerset house, but in the end decided that while we were here it would be best to mingle with the crowds and have that hands-on feeling.

and we were not to be disappointed. it was the most spectacular line of ships and boats that we will see on the thames in our lifetime, and the friendly cheers left, right and centre really did it and we cheered as loud as everybody else. and even when rike spoke of 'her queen' and the husband proclaimed that it was after all worthwhile living in a monarchy and even when we all joined in on 'god save the queen' i didn't mind. only when deac put two large union jacks onto my determinedly german car i started wondering where this all would end...

Friday, 1 June 2012

this is your captain speaking

clearly one of the most spectacular moments in life. do by all means look at the videos but believe me i flew this bumble bee significantly more steadily than rike's clips suggest. must have been down to the photographer having fun in the backseat. for more pics click on the picasa album top right. and a big kiss for rike, for bravery as well as taking pics!!!

hidden hitch

make it to guildford tonight if you can and if you want to know more about alfred hitchcock and where my dear husband deac rossell, together with kevin last and william godfree, will shed some light unto the cult director's lesser known works.

says the yvonne arnaud theatre, where the event takes place: "by revisiting his life, this educational presentation trawls the hitchcock canon for the missing and little seen items as well as uncompleted projects both on the big screen and television. ... using slides, film and live music, hidden hitchcock: the missing films provides a very different picture of the maestro, charting his life from turn of the century leytonstone until his death in 1980."