Saturday, 3 March 2012

our child the opera star!

this household has been in a real turmoil over the last few weeks (what's new) and resembles a war zone (not new either) as rike not only performed in her usual spring concerts in what amounts to four orchestras this year but she was also casted as a fairy in the latest guildhall school of music production of britten's a midsummer nights dream at the barbican which really threw any normal schedule out of the window and the extensive rehearsals made her miss so many classes at school that you wonder whether they still recognise her over there.

but it must be said that despite the long hours it has been an incredible experience for her and she and her friends so thoroughly enjoyed themselves that they all wanna change careers now. 

we saw the performance on the opening night and we just loved it. britten's score is marvellous (i did not know it) and made me like him even more, it had a great cast that performed professionally and up for the job, the orchestra was excellent, the direction swift, and an adequate set design with simple yet striking images kept us entertained. the highlights were (sorry - proud mum syndrome) of course the fairies who were rather substantial in their attitude and singing and quite present right down to one of rike's friends fracturing her wrist in the last moments of the show. still running into next week and nearly sold out but catch it if you can.

Or see the whole performance live here on saturday, 3rd march, 19:00 gmt 


click here for review 3

Friday, 2 March 2012

winter is over - that's official!

admittedly these pics arrived a couple of days ago but really not that long and at a time when us londoners started sporting bare legs and t-shirts already as the temperature reached 16 degrees last weekend (sorry - i was 'sporting' nothing - i'm still dragging myself around in what is warm and loose and comfy, but my daughter is and certainly my students!). so seeing dear marlis and anke ice skating on what i assume is the aasee (a name that endlessly entertained us as children) brings a shiver down my spine as i really don't want to hear of cold any longer. let's hope we soon get a springy pic from their early blossoming trees - our plum tree outside the house is if full gear, in fact the whole of our street is in bloom!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

winter dressage series 2011 championship table

rike managed to get into the top ten of the dressage competition at mount mascal just so but as it is her first ever dressage we are all duly proud. congratulations!