Thursday, 28 October 2010

back to business

so it is back to business on all fronts and maybe now that christmas and therefore the next round of holidays is only a few weeks away that's easier to accept...well, the first in the house to find out about it really was rike this time, as her summer holidays were shortened by almost a week when she changed from primary to secondary school (don't worry too much about her - she is just on a two week half term break in germany).

big excitement because now rike will wear a uniform and we had to make friends with that very british institution of buying clothes that don't fit at shops that don't want to sell to you and nobody really knows what's going on, but in the end and with some trial and error the results look good, don't they?? saves the eternal question of what to wear in the morning.

and so the first day came and went and both parents got soo emotional whereas the kids all had that great practical instinct of sorting out their mates and hiding from the new authorities...

but it really has been a great start for rike and she is just so lucky to have scored a place at her school as apparently the number of pupils applying was higher than ever . great first school report, too - well done, biene!