Tuesday, 23 June 2009

life is mean!

as if we hadn't been penalised enough over the years with all the slavery work we were forced to do at our previous workplace, goldsmiths college, but - life is mean! - yesterday we weren't even allowed to buy tickets for tonight's hyper event over there - blur in concert!

students only, we were told, no staff, former or not, no members of the public, no visitors, it was students only, and no, we were not allowed to enrol quickly into 'abstract mathematics' on the spot either

soundcheck pic from twitter: http://twitter.com/goldsmiths_su

Friday, 19 June 2009

recently in hyde park...

funny place - feels like i've been here

don't i recognize that tree?
leon? which town are we in?? where does my sister live?

mmmhhhh, dunno, cornel, aunti anette lives in that funny place, wozit called?

very well, leon, let me think! it starts with an l - luxemburg... ljubeljana ... ha! lummerland! we are in lummerland, leon!

fine with me, conny. but your lummer-landish is very good indeed!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

scary beast

a scary beast flew over our dinner table tonight in the garden just as we had finished a late supper with a nice spanish omelette and ice tea. scared the cats and scared us even more, this beautiful staghorn beetle the size of a fist tumbling into the summer night, clearly showing off his stags.