Sunday, 25 July 2010

you're twisted

cool chic from the homeland arrived a few weeks ago where the family clearly worried about our scurvy-like appearance and had the fab idea to get us to eat more fruit with this classy bowl. now we really buy a lot more fruit and decorate it daintily - just don't touch the display! 

Sunday, 11 July 2010

brockley open studios 2010

as every year is it a real event in brockley to see so many artists and interesting work in the brockley open studios that the only drawback is that there is never enough time nor money for it all. our street was again crowded with participants and i counted no fewer than 12 artists. there are a few perennial players that we always visit (and there is always a fish to buy from jeff!) but we also try to see something new. so this year we went to

gill hickman
ruty benjamini
vicky scott
paul de monchaux
ruth de monchaux
gillian golding
mimi soan
jeff soan
bill watson
angela kerkhoff
carol edgar

bird books by bill watson

and our own garden party

traditionally our own garden party takes place during the brockley open studios because it is always very interesting to discuss with friends the artists and works they have just seen. with spledid sunshine and very special guests we had a terrific time. way too busy to take pictures so here are some statistics:
guests: 44
of which children: 10
sardines: 30
sausages: 40
cakes: 2
beer and wine: don't remember
bottles brought by guests: too many!
waiters: 3 (and they were great!)
chef de grill: 1 (and boy was he busy :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

lambeth palace garden party

the great side effect of rike playing in no less than three bands is that as accompanying parents we get access to a lot of places we usually would never dream to see. lambeth palace, the home of the archbishop of canterbury, and its stunningly large garden in the middle of town, was such an occasion and the garden party was a lovely treat after a long and hard week.

southwark concert band delighted with two sets of great favourites and the homemade cakes and ciders threw the diet straight out of the window. that and a large range of interesting herbs and other plants to look at made for a great day. thanks, rike!