Wednesday, 23 June 2010

humboldt-abi 1980

some people are convinced the most traumatic thing next to your school years is your school reunion party but i politely disagree. though a little nervous seeing at least some of my schoolmates after 30 years and having my dearest pam chickening out a few hours before the event with some dubious excuses it proved to be a rather lovely time and i was surprised how much i actually enjoyed seeing the lot again. a beautiful walk through hanover's beekestrasse where the party took place in a rugby club and where i have (mis)spent at least several of my teenage years at the super cheap ice-cream parlour and a sight of my old school on the cab ride in did the rest for a true trip down memory lane. bliss!

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humboldtschule hannover abitur 1980

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

foto festival in hanover

you sometimes wonder whether my little brother feels obliged to deliver some form of cultural event when i'm in town but his idea to visit the lumix fotofestival worked out rather splendidly. A huge line of young photographers from all over the world displayed their works spread over the vast expo 2000 area which is now in parts occupied by an arts college. interesting material plus a lovely afternoon in the garden, with good old murphy snapping up treats...   

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Monday, 21 June 2010

a day in leeds

early morning train from king's cross to leeds where i am an external examiner at leeds university. first time and interesting to see the leftovers from what was once a really important trade centre. huge buildings in town housed banks, law firms and trading companies and are now mostly (big) pubs and restaurants. leeds uni is a large campus spread over the north western part of town with some lovely old white elefants (parkinson building) but some terrific modern architecture as well. shame all the museums close so early so that after 5pm there was little left but to hit the leeds branch of harvey nicks which was rather boring, although the victorian gallery is a treasure.  

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

what to do in london

there are a number of things tourists and visitors do in london, like parading up and down oxford street, taking pics of buckingham palace or crowding the markets in greenwich. those in the know will of course only smile at this, but even most seasoned travellers should admire the hardcore programme our dearest pam chose to undertake while here a few days ago: horseback riding in lee, at the famous infamous willowtree stables, with wild alice as her mount and one half of the fearful twins to lead.

that and an unscheduled long trip through the urban wilderness of stepney, hackney and leytonstone could only be balanced by a full day's worth of shopping at harvey nicks. tired and with big bags dangling from the wrists we crashed out on the 5th floor after pam made a very friendly sales assistant at marc jacobs very happy indeed for the day. proof? you got it!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


finally i was able to upload the little clip rike took of pamela in the riding school a few days ago. i fear we've been after her for years by now to join in on the horses hoping that one year she'll come with us to the ranch in new mexico so even if this will not happen this year we all think it's a good start. well done! and you never know: one year....

Saturday, 5 June 2010

your daddy's rich, and your mom is good looking...

A gorgeous early summer day in christine's garden declared as a reunion party but actually more a cake feast with the usual suspects. we still haven't figured out to which magic spell christine owes the long list of 'rights' - right time, right place, right people, very right cakes...that make all her parties seem effortless style and fun. while the kids were having a waterbottle fight and came back looking like drowned little mice the adults had one of these very special tea afternoons that make life look a little gentler, indeed a bit more english...

all pics by martha! thanks for sending!!!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

so cute!!!!

many thanks to anke for sending this absolutely lovely picture of maternal bliss from her stable. wish we could be there right now!