Wednesday, 29 April 2009

mother bähr in the little garden

well - you might remember that we promised more news and we were delighted when our dear old friend claudia showed up in the last days of march. the great thing with friends that you haven't seen for long is that you always hear a good bit of chit chat about other old friends - and a couple of people must have had their ears ringing...

as a big london fan claudia had already seen a good bit of the city center with all its hustle and was therefore led into our little jungle for contrast with the stern warning that there might be strange animals hiding in the bushes

BUT (as you may have guessed)
never the shy type claudia has a go


flush 'em out!

huiii - that one went straight up the tree

high enough to be safe though?

Sunday, 26 April 2009

birthday girl, round one

birthday girl is ten today and has requested the presence of her lovely godmother diane and her two cousins
the table is bending under the weight of all those beautifully wrapped presents...
and birthday girl is only too happy to start ripping them apart

the request for a lifesize marzipan horse and carrot cake has been met only partly and it is not only the size but the fact that the horse looks rather like a german shepherd that gets a critical look from the young lady

but the kids are delighted and anette is tired but happy. it was after all two in the morning when the flipping thing was made...

the three test eaters approved of color and shape, and the taste was noted by head tester konstantin:

hm, garnicht mal so schlecht!

(click on the picasa album to see what else we did with our frankfurt connection on the day - including our hot rock n' roll medley!)