Thursday, 28 March 2013

what a charmer!

what a charming little horse, and what a pity we haven't seen him 'in the flesh' yet, but only on pictures, but it seems anke and family are having a great time riding issie elja, and it is a real sign of trust that he does not jump up when anke goes in to see him - very impressive! so - hopefully we can soon spoil him with a few carrots ourselves, though we trust that he gets plenty of that from his happy owner...

Monday, 25 March 2013

pressie time

friday morning 6 am and instead of going to the pool (yes! pool! 1000 meter!)the birthday table gets set as we all know it's rike's 14th birthday.

whereas it usually is impossible to get her up at this hour today we have a competition who gets to the living room first, but i have to win (and i did) to get the cake out of the fridge and onto the table.

speaking of the table - not that there was much space left for anything. it feels like madam is getting more evey year, and this time most definitely her dad is to blame, who pulled one pressie out of the hat after the other.

big grins and sheer delight - and rightly so, because deac has been incredibly generous this year. 

and while i believe secretly she was still hoping to find a horse in even the smallest of parcels, at the end of the day it was little bambi that stole her heart, jumping all the way from the lower saxony woods right into her lap - well done, little brother!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

rare moments

rare moments in every aspect: to see a little sun (it snowed again all day today) in pic one, and to be out with the girls only (very rare indeed, and not totally true as we met deac and rike later for dinner), and then to have pam and jane in the same picture hasn't happened for some ten years at least, and what a great moment it was, with excellent mojitos at beach baby. very very rare also to be in shoreditch and dalston, were the average age in any given place is about 14. good to have a bit more of the best agers in delauny later, but great fun nevertheless...

locations tested that night:
beach blanket babylon
the delauney

go and get it!

"Es ist nicht so einfach. Es ist viel einfacher."
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Freunde und ZeitgenossInnen:

Eine Neuerscheinung im Wehrhahn Verlag ist anzuzeigen:

Dietrich zur Nedden: "Lautlose Explosionen", 138 Seiten, 10,- €, ISBN 978-3-86525-313-2

Der Band versammelt 31 Geschichten, darunter der Tatsachenbericht "Mein Sohn, der Papst", und obendrein eine marginale Fußnote von Felicitas Hoppe.

Zu bestellen ist der Band unter oder im gut sortierten Buchhandel.

happy birthday my darling


house envy!


i guess it serves me right that after a lifelong pursuit of large living spaces (i must have inheritet this from my father, who couldn't stand small rooms...) i ended up in the world's most expensive city, particularly when it comes to housing. no matter whether you buy or rent your property here, it is never more but a few square feet, and even in the really expensive areas where people pay big bucks for designer houses, they tend to be on the small side. unless you are nick candy, i suppose. ..

how very refreshing then to see that you actually can live in a world class city and still live in all the grandezza of a belle etage, which not only commands vast rooms with extra high ceilings, but is so bang in the middle of the (old) centre of berlin (at least for our, pre-wall-came-down, generation), that you cannot even say the words 'ku-damm' in their full length before you are actually there. and which already is so prettily furnished that the pics above don't do it any justice, but pam and steff have given their place a real personality, albeit a large one... house envy!!!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

more reading

if there is one single thing found to be positive about the dark winter we had so far this year it is that we have all picked up more books than usually at this time of the year. hubby hides behind his kindle, child reads whatever horsy books and mags she can put her fingers on, and i flick through the art books, but really i am reading bodo kirchhoffs 'die liebe in groben zuegen', quite annoyed because it doesn't work in any way, yet unable to throw it in the corner as i'd like to.

(pic of our bookshelf by a very nice photographer who came around once and whose name i've forgotten - sorry!)