Monday, 11 August 2008


Brockley News Gazette
West End Final
Brand new baby Nikolai born in Frankfurt!!! Too cute for words!!! Parents Diane and Predrag fine but not presentable

Born to former society queen and cult lawyer Diane S. and air space negotiator Predrag ("Pred") M. baby Nikolai faced his first paparazzi hunt in june only days after he arrived but still managed to look cool, calm and collected, the Brockley Gazette can reveal.

As both parents tried successfully to hide from the lenses all representational duties were taken over by proud brother Konstantin (3) who filled this role very neatly.
"I have great plans for my little baby brother", Kocki (as he is known to friends) told the press. "Already I let him have my lovely red feeding pillow, as you may have noticed".


Asked what he liked best about the new household member Kocki wasn't shy: "At least for the time being I am taller, stronger and I have more toys" he concluded.

Frankfurt, watch this space...

Thursday, 7 August 2008

fire in brockley

a few nights ago at around 2am it all of a sudden looked as if the back end of the garden was brightly lit before we realized that one of the workshops in ashby mews was on fire.

a rather dramatic sight, and London Firebrigade assured us that they were already on their way... in the 15 minutes it took them the whole mews started to come alight, with pieces of burning debris flying through the gardens

being well used to the sound of police sirens practically day and night the arrival of several units was nevertheless a relief as by now it looked that the fire was ready to spread into our garden

it took a while to sort the fire out with firemen climbing through the trees but in the end they won

a rather sad sight the next day...

and only more cynical souls than us make any connection to the planning permission for the buildings that was refused in july...

Sunday, 3 August 2008

pia's confirmation

pia's confirmation in june 2008 took place in the beautiful little church of st andrew's in richmond, with guests arriving from as far as the US and Brockley (shall I say it took us only 2 1/2 hours and we got lost only once?)

however, the majority came from good ol' germany which was just as well as the service was conducted entirely in german (or, as pastor kruse put it, "if you don't speak german - tough!")

this could not intimidate us (actually, some of us speak german 'ziemlich gut') and luckily we were not meant to speak but to listen anyway and certainly to watch as beautiful pia made her entry!

here she comes!!!

with such a gorgeous young lady mom and dad are beaming...

...and we must admitt we've never seen her any prettier!

whereas looking closer at the kruses raised the suspicion that their faces where slightly familiar, indeed that we had just seen a short documentary about the two on german telly a few month ago and their new life in britain. watch it here if you like...

so here we have the first outdoor shot of the bunnenberg watermans with newly-confirmed daughter
- what a lovely family!!!

the extended clan...

and their lively offspring...

but we urge you to take a good look at little richard here as we can safely call this the 'before' picture (more of this later...)

and we were delighted to see christine's parents so well and happy

as are ute (this is a very rare picture of her without a camera in front of her nose - well done, deac!)

and annette I.

it was a splendid service and it looked like everybody...

was having a great time...

and all these good looking girls around...

...that only for the fraction of a second did we think that elena's and mark's little daughter was actually stealing the show...

but then she looked too innocent to comtemplate such a thing and anyway, she is just too cute!<