Sunday, 27 December 2009


(have a look at our new and old rascals in the holidays on the picasa album on the right)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

w-w-h (wild weekend halle)

finally one merciful soul has send a few pics from our wild adventure in halle a few weeks ago (danke, pam!!!) and by putting them up i should perhaps correct the several implications you could be mistaken to believe

1. there were not just five people at the party
2. no, andy turned only 50
3. all his ex-wives were present (but most)
4. we all looked that good by the end of the night

but even if we're all posing a bit here it was just fab to see so many old friends and share the kind of chit chat that you usually reserve for school reunions (which i have failed to get to yet) and find out that they're all doing quite nicely

before we turned more seriously and checked the bottles and the dance floor and then it was almost like in the good ol' days and in the end we danced to some pretty weird stuff from ossi land as well as the sins of our youth (tainted love anyone?) before we all returned to husbands, wives, children etc. the next day with the slightest hangover and the puzzling question what it will all look like when andy turns 60 or so...

Monday, 14 December 2009

magical moments in trafalgar square

a wonderful, magical moment on trafalgar sq last night where the fabulous southwark concert band (yes, with our daughter) played a full set of christmas carols, right next to the climate change protesters and their activities, oddly matched but peacefully side by side. rike swore she saw about 250 santas!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

snow white and the tasmanian devil

busy days, folks, not only at work where we are drowning in the run up to christmas while our students are already boarding their holiday flights but also at home with the arrival of chilli the tasmanian devil (pictured), 12 weeks old

and little snow white being two weeks older and a tiny bit bigger but still kittenish enough to play day and night untill they crash out (preferably on rike's bed where they have decided to reside).

both were rescued by the celia hammond trust until we took over and rike is now the proud mum of the two fluffers whose main purpose in life is to shred everything in sight.

but being so utterly charming, clever and cute always helps and already they are getting treats and pressies every other minute and it can only be a question of time before they rule the entire household. much to rike's liking...