Wednesday, 22 July 2009


america's elderly population is now growing at a moderate pace, the statistical brief writes. and continues: but not too far into the future, the growth will become rapid. so rapid, in fact, that by the middle of the century, it might be completely inaccurate to think of ourselves as a nation of the young: there could be more persons who are elderly (65 or over) than young (14 or younger)! the elderly population has grown substantially in this century ....

happy birthday, darling!!!

school's out for the summer!

school's out for the summer and our favorite patrol pup gets a well deserved rest. we just wish it could be with us - she is soo cute!!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

orpheus & eurydice

orpheus and eurydice by gluck is staged at the blackheath halls just around the corner and this time our friend susanne is amongst the singers.
wendy dawn thompson sings the part of orpheus and mary nelson is euridice. catch it quickly - tomorrow's the last performace!

Friday, 17 July 2009

who is she? why is she there?

on our way to catch another blockbuster ticket - this time hopefully with more success - as julian is playing arthur kipps in the woman in black at the fortune theatre. will report.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

heimwehmeier records back in business

things were a little rough recently at heimwehmeier records this blog has learned but we are pleased to announce that the infamous bootlegger from linden/hanover is back in business and has just released "out of order", which is gracing our boombox already. and while we are not nearly as much in love with the lemonheads as con has been for the last years we always look forward to new outlets of his eclectic taste and robert forster was a real discovery. nice choice of surrounding artwork also, and we very much liked the accompanying postcard showing an interesting wooden model of the sculpture above, 'hangover' by andreas von weizaecker, who sadly died last year. check some of his work out here.

nice little number of course from london's famous "madame jojo's"

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

the art of accidents

full house at the goldsmiths ug shows where nobody else but our lovely vicky was the centre of attention with a new range of powerful paintings

showing in three different places - goldsmiths, brockley open studios, and tealeaf arts - couldn't faze her

in fact we thought she looked more relaxed than ever which may well be down to the fact that almost everybody wanted to buy these georgeos paintings - including us!

also good to see some of the usual suspects in the crowd

and to know that even matt is still standing...

well done! congratulations!!!

Say what you like...

say what you like (and we have our fair share in the mocking) but as london prepares for the big summer exodus the city is actually getting prettier by the minute


it's a bit like christmas, when the only
crowded roads are the m 4 to heathrow and various other 'out' roads, while the city centre belongs to a few brave and patient souls

and just by doing the unthinkable thing: driving into the city at rush hour in under an hour for every two miles


you feel quite smug and not left behind at all...

(click on pics to enlarge)

Monday, 6 July 2009

what's up with: katrin and lyes

if anybody was too worried that katrin and lyes would have a tough life after they traded places and moved to the hard working community of frankfurt's banking district - fear not!

these clever kids have a good eye for the nicer things and the pics clearly show that they are sailing through life...

which is just as well as they are surely missing a lot of things about london, the noise, the traffic, the pollution, the wacko people on the streets, the exorbitant prices for everything, the whole razzamataz

well, that justifies some compensation, folks, a new flat, a boat...

and just take one look at the latest arrival in their family!