Friday, 21 November 2014

visitors from hamburg, berlin...


oh what a delight to have some of my best pals around at the same time and even being able to surprise them as they didn't know about the other party's arrival.

merten was here on a mission to explore the merits of the chiltern firehouse hotel and restaurant (and at least with the food i was able to assist!), and pam and stef were just here for a leisurely weekend, happy to go along a little trip to greenwich park, cutty sark, docklands, and the usual suspects in south east london.

 off to canary wharf for a little shopping and a drink

 back home and hungry
 and while the cook had great help
 not all guests were amused. yes, darl, food is coming!

and wine

in the end...

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Recently at the Pony club...

rike had jumped a few times with good ol' leon that day, which usually makes him quite happy and excited. so perhaps it was a little reckless then to take all tack off and ride him bareback, and without his bridle... well, there is always the mane you can cling to...BUT she stayed on, to my amazement!(don't listen, though...)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Just a few places on the trip

the foodie highlights of our our trip last summer - no wonder we all need a diet! favorite place of all times: la casa sena, where this year just minutes after we finished our lunch in the cool and shady garden all hell broke loose and possibly the worst rainstorm i've ever seen came down - everything was soaked in seconds. deac swam down the road to get the car, our all time hero...

palmyra at the peaks
la casa sena
la cocina
mesa street grill

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

marlies vs atlas

like the titan atlas my dear godmother seems to carry the world on her shoulders, but give it a closer look and it is actually a sculpture from the muenster sculpture project. very beautifully colour coordinated she is, too, but then i hardly know anybody with a better taste than marlies, and the grace and charme to carry it. just lovely! so, really, atlas, you've got to try harder!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

the next best thing

a wonderful performance by members of the guildford music school, drumheads, and lsso, conducted by peter ash. daughter on the far left. sold out and standing ovations!