Sunday, 28 September 2008

villa kramer - part 1: "the denial"

what do you mean - my house is not finished??!!
for the first part of our new docu soap click on the picasa album to the right.

Friday, 5 September 2008

what a summer

if you really want to see what we did this summer click on any of the pictures in the "summer 2008" picasa slide shows on the right side and click "view album" and then "slide show" for best results.


(no, it's not only horses but quite a few...)

Monday, 1 September 2008

of cats, mice and other wild animals...

...see our intrepid venture into frankfurt's wildlife on picasa...

wildlife in london, too

just when you think you've said enough about animals for the moment rike manages to find yet another one that grabs our attention

this time it's pony thomas who lives right around our corner in wickham mews

together with his little falabella friend billy and two other ponies, stuart and taylor, there are no less than four horses in our street - in the middle of london

well - horses are for riding and rike's high skills in pester power mean that she's actually allowed to ride thomas today (though not billy as much as she'd like to)

a strange sight as catherine leads thomas through the heavy traffic on lewisham way to the little paddock in lucas street - where we immediately have a few spectators

thomas gets lunged for a bit - he really is a cart horse we learn and you may have seen his owners driving with him through brockley

here they give rike a hand and at the same time tell us a bit about the old days when this area was still part of a large farm with horses everywhere. now this little piece of green belongs to br and they can turn out their ponies here

the saddle is a bit of a joke but that won't stop rike... thomas doesn't do the dreaded rearing so rike takes heart and


off they go...

perfectly normal thing to do in the middle of town on a saturday afternoon, guys