Sunday, 23 August 2015

mark bolan school of music

rike has supported the mark-bolan-school of music several times over the last two years and was again involved with a charity concert earlier this spring. the school, founded by mark bolan's widow gloria jones, works with disavantaged youngsters in sierra leone. rike speaks very highly of gloria, who seems to be patient and committed to the young musicians she works with. credit also to rike's friend otis who organized the concert.


rike was the lucky recipient of several invitations to whitstable, where her friend's parents have a summer place, but one day we just ignored protocol and invited ourselves, too. so after seeing grayson perry's 'provincial punk' in the turner contemporary in margate, we spent a gloriuos afternoon on the beach in this most quaint english invention, the beach hut. delightful!

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across the southbank

just back from a wonderful moment on the southbank where rike has now worked for two days with david byrne in his meltdown festival. twice this afternoon over sixty five horn players performed john luther adam's 'across the distance', indoors first and in the pretty jubilee gardens the second time. a great experience as the musicians wander around and the horns talk to each other over various distances. that and a last glimpse of a long hot august day made for a great moment, before it is about to be all rain and work from next week, and the prediction is that summer is finished.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

sam the seagull stealing doritos

oh there it goes ... summer in britain ... you spend a couple of days on the coast and what do you see but crime and misdemeanour...