Scotland 2017

Friday, 20 May 2011

look what's missing


hard to believe but some dummy stole the car and all of rike's orchester music for the entire band that was in it as well. no longer a beauty but still so reliable and just a neat runner with over 200000 km our good old 5er has been hijacked to god knows what place and duties but even though we don't drive nearly as much any longer as we used to the household is still not equipped to do all our errands on the bike. trying not to be too sentimental but that car was a great match - sad to see him go...

life's faster than a blog

difficult to do anything on the blog when all other parts of your life tilt towards the messier side of things but as peaceful and as relaxed as we are here in the garden with andreas (claudia taking the pic) it wasn't meant to last. just about the time our lovely friends left all hell broke lose with first the car stolen and a few days later the computer thoroughly crashed it somewhat felt we were caught between a rock and a hard place... little did we know that afternoon of the fuzz awaiting us...

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