Tuesday, 11 November 2008

meanwhile in cuba

you know dad - i think i really wanna be like you when i'm older - i mean you've got the good life, don't you?!

driving flashy cars...

(notice my bland stare for the cops)

too fast? can't be! I'm sure I saw that stop sign, officer!


hanging out on the beach

having fun with the girls...

(don't know what that sheep is doing there)

but, ladies, there'll only be one true love in my life


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

a view from the top

well it shows that we are way too busy to do much on this blog (not that we are overwhelmed by exciting things in the first place) but it's the middle of term and we are lucky if we have the time to read the headlines in the newspaper much less getting any writing done


so it's the time of the year where you really depend on everything running smoothly and the last thing you need is a leaking roof but of course that's when it happens and so we had no choice but to climb up and see what was going on

having said that - going up on this roof is always a big excitement simply because we have these fantastic views from there - here you see st. paul's in town and above natwest tower and the gherkin in the city and on a slightly hazy day like this it was all almost magically close 


and while we contemplate setting up a roof garden we can take a look into the jungle on the ground - you can see one of anette's bicycling shirts hanging on the wash

and over to the other side to our beautiful street just as autumn sets in
and the spledid show that the trees put up every year

and then the roof is fixed and it's all back down again


(click on the pics to see larger size)