Monday, 25 April 2011

happy birthday, liebe marlies!

the house of future projects

the house has been given over to model making at a rather large scale as Rike has been assigned to build a 'house for the future' which currently takes place on the entire ground floor and large parts of the basement as well.

not content with the idea to do a little power point presentation or a nice drawing as most of her mates probably do she is determined to create a second dolls house with outbuildings and garden.

mom and particularly dad are assigned little runner jobs to keep us busy and her company and we may get the glue or hold a piece of wood to let it dry but other than that madame architect is happily doing it herself.

the finished model is about 4 ft high and weights a ton - it took us only three people to get it into school - along the line of teachers not believing their eyes...

Friday, 1 April 2011

a dime a dozen

it's still early hours but somebody needs to watch over the birthday cake as there are too many little kittens in the house to steal the cream and therefore big cat is watching..

ah - footsteps on the stairs - not that many mornings that rike is up at 6.30

yeah - this cat needs a hug, too! she is so cute!

so lets see that cake. the icing is still intact but is the inside any good? mom was nearly in tears last night 'cause the meringe wouldn't set - at 4 am!

hmmm - not too bad. i have two, please...

and so to the real presents. rike made some five different lists in the weeks before the big day but at least there were choices this time - and not only "horse" on the list as for christmas...

so let's have a look: the ubiquitous tec gizmos which dad loves to buy only too much. the 'wales on horse' broschure - what does it mean? and books on end and chocolates en masse

looks like we're onto a winner!

happy 12th birthday my darling!