Monday, 21 February 2011

and the name is: john boy

folks it's still raining cats and dogs, so it might be just as well to have another story from animal kingdom and announce the arrival of john boy, or so we think he'll be named if the happy parents in hanover's dieselstrasse finally can agree on it...

having recently lost the ever so lovely murphy and currently even without cats it is time that this household gets the critters back in. little john boy just fits the bill: heartbreakingly cute yet cheeky, you can actually see him gnawing on cornel's shoes or stealing the sausage from the fridge, just as every respected boy should do. and if there are a few tricks he doesn't know yet we're sure nino and leon will teach him. so - stick to the name, guys. after all your most used line can be "johnny - be good!!!"    

Sunday, 6 February 2011

coriander has one of her moments

the sheer fact that i find a few seconds to write here is already a sign that things are on the up and that the darkest of all winter days are behind us. in fact we had a couple of lovely rides today with the horses playing up in the windy school (rike's horse selica nearly went through the roof when a piece of wood flew around outside) and later home i even spent a few moments in the garden, though more to inspect the damage rather than doing any work...

the cats have also already caught up to the sunnier days and have started to find those spots in the house again that get sunlight for a few hours. coriander (pictured) in particular has great talent to find the cosiest places and as you can see, defends her rights viciously against the other two.

rike was fast this morning with her camera and caught the little (or indeed not so little anymore) rascal in our bed. so pleased to see how relaxed this cat is now - she was after all left to die in a rubbish bin as a little kitten and barely alive when rescued.

such fun to have her - just don't try to get near that duvet...