Tuesday, 28 June 2011

happiness is a new car...

i'm trying to figure out now how long exactly it took between the old car was stolen and the arrival and registration of the new boy and from the top of my head i'd say a solid 2 1/2 months. 10 weeks at the mercy of london's irate public transport which kind of works ok if you go into town but is utterly miserable if you try to go across the boroughs.

here a few examples: brockley to clapham £26 by cab, or 3 buses or into town and out again. at night. or: brockley to grove park. 2 buses and therefore only £4.40 and only one hour twenty minutes for what is essentially less than 5 miles. but if one of the two buses you need steadily refuses to show up you might as well walk, which would have been faster in the first place. or: two heavy instruments from brockley to brixton and back at night. with a child. and, and, and.

yes, it's true: you can live without a car in london. and, no, i do not like it. it's messy, expensive, takes for ever and all the time you wreck your back with all the stuff you need. my husband probably disagrees. but, wait: wasn't he the one who took the car to the corner shop this morning to get his newspaper??

so the new arrival has made his maiden journey over (under?) the dover strait swiftly by eurotunnel only to be parked at the next bm-dealer until the great and good people at the dvla finally gave him the thumbs up. if you happen to need to know anything about exporting a car from germany into gb just ask me - there cannot possibly be a paper or form that i don't know about. plus opening times of all relevant authorities, including holidays. trust me!

BUT: it's here, it's taxed and already on the congestion charge register. so more to come about our trips soon, starting with kent and the llama farm yesterday.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

centre for young musicians

congratulations to our darling daughter (NOT pictured) that she auditioned for and got a place at the centre for young musicians where from september onwards her lovely instrument will add to the noise, we hope. well done!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

50 is the new forties

it is of course the year of the fifties, i.e. when all good vintage 61 boyz and gals hit their half time and therefore some rather splendid parties have taken place already, some with some without me. the one and only not to miss was of course pam's birthday grandezza in the fantastically well suited kunstbar in cologne, right under the cathedral, where a cool crowd danced into the wee hours. pamela herself looked like the young jackie o and hardly ever left the dance floor. the hannover gang was well represented and mostly together, and the ex-pats had found their way back too. one moment with andy, conny, captain sensible and pam all dancing their hearts out it felt like the old days, and also: that we would all still be there in another fifty years. I drink to that! waiter, one lemonade, please, the one with the large cork...

(check the picasa link top right for some pics)