Wednesday, 21 April 2010

lambs, goats, piglets

goats are my favourite animals as most of you will recall (right after - hmmm - horses?) and so i was not too surprised that rike has inherited a good dose of that.
on a recent visit to surrey docks city farm first with dad and then with mum it became obvious that the goats return that love more or less unconditionally as long as you have a paperbag full of food in your hand and give it to them generously
so rike found herself at the centre of their attention but eventually even our huge supply got swallowed up (one goat stole the whole bag from me and gulped it down with paper and everything) and - predictably - the whole gang crashed out for a little rest

until the next paper bag rustles in the wind...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

ashes to ashes

what - all flights to london cancelled - are you JOKING??

hard to believe but true

eyjafjallajökull? spell that again!

- and all down to a little bit of flying ash?


easy peasy to fix - just hand me the brush

see? all neatly in a box! don't know what that fuzz
is all about. get that plane out, willya?!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

the easter hunt is on

not only one but two easter bunnies here look rather pleased with themselves after they found about two hundred chocolate eggs and other easter goodies (wasn't it to be the other way round?) and even a mars bar from last year's egg hunt. bets are taken already about how many sweets the gardener(s) will find over the next couple of months as nobody remembered exactly where things were and rike is convinced that at least one massive huge chocolate egg still waits for her in the bushes...happy easter!

Friday, 9 April 2010

and not so proud

a shooting in the neighborhood today early afternoon with apparently one guy shot in the arm and a bunch of kids arrested by police. two hours later when we walked by the traffic was still condoned off and officers were securing the area with at least ten police cars. funny it happened on the day when we came from ladbroke grove thinking how calm brockley was instead...wrong again! 

Sunday, 4 April 2010

something to be proud of...

darren johnson knocked on the door today to say hello and left a card with the election results from 2006 - we'd seen this before but it was a nice reminder that the green party has a strong foothold in brockley (we are, after all, THE green part of lewisham, together with ladywell). with the greens taking 47%, labour 33% and the libdems 10%, there is not much space for conservative thinking in the neighborhood. which is just as well...   

(map from wikipedia, poster from