Tuesday, 19 July 2011

brockley open studios 2011

brockley open studios this year happened early for us as we admired the opening of the memorial gardens in norwich by artist and bos organizer paul de monchaux albeit from afar though we had a lovely invitation and it is just as always that work gets in the way of more interesting things. paul's sculptures have an eternal quality and are weighty statements yet light and uplifting even when reminding us of a sad past.

it was his and ruth de monchaux' studio that we spent most time in the brockley open and it is not only their art but their company as well that we seek. the works on display and the atmosphere in the studios are genuinly refreshing my spirits and i was only half joking when i askled whether i could move in.

deac and rike were more adventurous and found a few newcomers that they liked but in the end the old favorites won and jeff soans again has a few creatures less in his hut. no party this year as we didn't have enough time to prep but later in the summer we hope to invite a few friends.

Monday, 11 July 2011

speech day

our first ever speech day and - wow - we are invited as the child gets a special achievement prize and we are so proud of her! she later thought both mum and dad were a bit embarrassing, all waving and crying, but honestly we can do a lot more if she'd really ask for it...

she has done well though and we think deserves the price rightly: all the sports, cyber mentoring, music, model making, and five million other activities together with a good academic record meant that rike had a great start into secondary school and can ever be so happy with herself.

handing out the prices and pictured here with her is no one else but her school's former ceo dr elizabeth sidwell, who recently was appointed school commissioner for england. and even mr skinner is wearing his obe badge proudly - what an illustrious round!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

ashdown forest llama park

as promised a few words on the ashdown llama park in kent which was new to us and quite a discovery as i didn't even know that llamas (and alpacas) live quite happily side by side in this country. and why not - they are well kept with great views of the surrounding country side, make funny little noises when they see a visitor and thank god didn't spit at all. extra treat was that the day before fluffy baby 'sky' was born (above), happily hopping around and with an enormous energy already. just cute...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

lambeth palace garden party

for the second year in a row I was able to sneak in with the musicians into this most beautiful city garden that lies behind the old lambeth palace and, once in, test-eat as much cakes and cookies as i felt like while my dearest two were playing in the band and therefore couldn't pester me.

rike though got somewhat suspicious as i saw her waving at me with this "get me one, too" look on her face but maybe not so i ignored it. the weather was not quite as splendid as last year, but the gardens were even wilder due to the hot spring.

southwark concert band delighted as always, starting with my favourite "slavic farewell", and i hope that the funny noises that occasionally came from the sax were only heard by me. in the break then i got a chance to capture the formidable scb conductor, bob bridges, who gracefully not only put up with deac and rike, but now with me as well coming after a photo. oh dear.