Tuesday, 27 October 2015

crisis - what crisis

well, tuesday evening and we are browsing the papers, and what do we find? all hell breaking loose and catastrophes abound all over germany, but most so in halle/saale, where the mitteldeutsche zeitung declares the end of the world, or something very close to.

thank god then that not all is lost as we have krisenstabsobermanager andy in place, who will battle it out for halle and all. you can tell from the very serious look on his face that this man is determined not to be overrun by gales and hurricanes, terrorists or tsunamis. 'we'll see how they fared' the newspaper concluded, but i can tell you that already: still standing!!


Sunday, 18 October 2015

around london in half a day

london is so great, our dear friend rowena said today in the car, because at some point everybody comes through. i never have to go anywhere, i can see all my friends here at some point. a very philosophical idea as we drove three quarters around town to get from brockley to hertfordshire, which took only two hours in relatively light traffic. on a bad day it could easily be six. stunning views of canary wharf from three sides, but of course not quite as splendid as this awesome bbc pic, from their website. click here for the full story.